Developed by Grant Backes


  • Guests can browse the site, except for private topics.

  • Guests are not allowed to change or delete anything.

  • Users can sign up for a free account.

  • Users can sign in and out.

  • Users can view topics and posts.

  • Users can comment on posts.

  • Users can create new posts and edit posts they own.

  • Users can up/down vote any post.

  • Users can favorite any post.

  • Users can be emailed with updates about posts they've favorited.

  • A user's profile displays their posts and comments.

  • Users can add a Gravatar to their profile.

  • A special user called admin is available.

  • Admins can delete or edit any topic or post.

  • The development database is seeded automatically with users, topics and posts.

Setup and Configuration

Languages and Frameworks:

  • Ruby 2.4.0

  • Rails 5.1.3

  • Bootstrap 3


  • SQLite (Test, Development)

  • PostgreSQL (Production)

Development Tools and Gems include:

  • BCrypt for secure passwords

  • SendGrid for email confirmation

  • Rspec and FactoryGirl for tests

Environment and Setup:

  • Figaro was used to set environmental variables and can be found in config/application.yml. For security reasons, this file has been replaced with an example file config/application.example.yml on github to demonstrate proper storage of environmental variables.

To Run Locally

  • Visit Not Reddit's Github

  • Clone the repository

  • Run bundle install on command line

  • Create and migrate the SQLite database with rake db:create and rake db:migrate

  • Start the server using rails server

  • Run the app on localhost:3000